We use simply the best , most efficient roofing products from the leaders of the roofing industry.  All our free estimates include sample books from these companies so you can choose what style, lifespan, design and colour meets your needs. Each roofing system serves a specific need and purpose. All systems are designed to add value and appeal to your house, but most importantly they are designed to keep the elements out and you dry!

Ice and Water Protection

Ice and water protection is the most important barrier installed. It is the last protective guard against water
damage and leaks. It is important to use high grade Ice / Water shield. Tar paper is not enough and it does not conform to building code!!! For maximum protection, use a premium self-adhering membrane that is applied along
the eaves, valleys and high risk areas for leaking. This provides a secondary membrane, and helps prevent
water penetration into the roof structure where ice and water damage most often occurs.

Metal Roofs

For a longer lasting, more energy efficient roof, some customers prefer the advantages of Metal Roofing
compared to the cheaper more affordable Asphalt shingles. Metal Roofs come with a lifetime warranty
and can usually be installed within 2-3 days.   Very eye pleasing! Dryhome offers numerous colours
for Metal Roofs.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shake is a wood based designer shingle.  It looks extremely well on high pitched roofs. Cedar adds
value to the home. Prone to leak, it is extremely important to use the right installer. Cedar shake is less expensive  than metal.

Ridge Vents , Whirley Birds and Standard Metal / Plastic Ventilation Systems

Roof ridge vents boast several advantages over other roof vent systems.  Because they are drawing in outside air from the highest point of a roof, they allow for a more efficient air-flow. Additionally, roof ridge vents can be
installed with minimum interference to the existing roof structure, and can be supported by the colors and textures to match your roof. 

Whirley birds are the best vents for air flow.  They pull hot air from the attic and recirculate cool air back inside. One whirley bird is equivalent to 6  standard Metal or Plastic vents. 


EPDM and TPO membranes are terrific roof systems for flat or low slope roof assemblies. They have proven
to be reliable, cost effective solutions for the often difficult conditions on commercial buildings. These products
may also be used on residential flat roofs and are available in black (EPDM) or white (TPO). They are very efficient,
long lasting, and reasonably easy to install with minimal products. Definitely the most popular products for
flat roofing.

Torch on or 2 ply - These systems are also effective and less costly, but the lifespan is limited.  More problems
have been associated with torch on compared to EPDM and TPO. There are still many buildings both commercial
and residential that use 2 ply and torch on due to the low material costs, and low repairing costs.


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